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Chris Carnes is the award winner of the 2022 mARTies for "Visual Artist of the Year."


Chris has won awards every year since he has been at Visionary School of Arts (VSOA) which has been since the age of 4.  He has been an instructor for VSOA since 2019.

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Alexandra Trejo is the award winner of the 2021 mARTies for "Visual Artist of the Year."  

Alexandra is one of our scholarship students. She has won awards since age 11 when she became a student of VSOA, including the sponsorship from Women Supporting the Arts Scholarship Award for 3 years.  She completed VSOA internship courses and has been directing camps and weekly classes as an instructor for three years. Alexandra will be leaving for college in fall of 2022 with scholarships that came from her awards, academic achievement, leadership and community give-back through auctioning her original art and raising thousands of dollars for First Responders, Molly's House, The Stuart Air Show, and our own scholarship program alongside her many community service hours. 

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