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The Power of Art with Youth Leadership

Online Course Curriculum

Online Courses 

Youth Leadership - Grades 2-5

Endorsement by CEO of Martin County Boys and Girls Clubs, Keith Fletcher

Youth Leadership - Grades 2-5

" We teach our students fine art, drawing and painting, life skills, leadership, and goal oriented success!" - Author, Lynne Barletta

The author of the Power of Art Curriculum with Youth Leadership is Lynne Barletta, Founder of Visionary School of Arts (VSOA). Students of VSOA have won over 600 local national and international awards for leadership and fine art since 2010.  Lynne has been writing curriculum for after-school programs for 30 years, and she has successfully piloted the Power of Art for children at Martin County High School, Martin County Boys and Girls Clubs, Banner Lake, Hobe Sound, All About Achieving educational program, and home school programs.  

The Power of Art for Youth Leadership for grades 2-5 / Middle School and High School is offered in nine-week courses that can be taught by a layperson while showing the video.  Instructors do not have to be artists. Each Power of Art Class is taught through a video with a step-by-step demonstration that is easy and fun to follow. Instructors provide support, help, encouragement, and supplies.

All videos are designed for a one-hour class or slightly less for grades 2-5 and 1.5 hours for Middle School/ High School. Students are taught to draw with the right side of the brain with continued exploration of various mediums, with animals, scenery, abstracts, faces, cartooning, and more.

The Power of Art is a pioneering curriculum utilizing positive images combined with life skills for youth through drawing and focused attention. Fine art drawing with value, shading, composition, design, and perspective are taught during the course with creative team building and leadership principles. Intentional training for future vision that includes pursuing higher education or Trade School is woven into objectives and outcomes. Protection from predators is included in an age-appropriate manner. Overcoming obstacles, diversity, positivity, vision, and many aspects of youth leadership are covered.

These are the outcomes you can expect to see through the Power of Art ongoing 9-week courses:

•    Increased creativity
•    Stress relief
•    Growing attention span week by week
•    Fine art drawing and painting with professional techniques and approaches
•    Fine motor skill development
•    Character development
•    Overcome perfectionism and being hard on oneself
•    Build inner tools for facing challenges
•    Age-appropriate equipping to resist predators, traffickers and grooming  
•    Increased self-esteem with positivity
•    Learn to speak affirmations for positive thinking
•    Leadership skill development with entrepreneurship

Every child is an artist at age 5. Something happens between ages 5 and 15!

They quit because someone told them that they can’t draw, or they convinced themselves they could not draw or paint effectively. The Power of Art with Youth Leadership will wake up creativity, the love of art, and the right side of the brain. Overall cognitive development rapidly increases, while leadership principles are illustrated by students through fine art.

The Power of Art is sold through Visionary School of Arts, a non-profit 501c3 organization.

Drawing and Painting (Preview video)

Thumbnail for Drawing and Painting! .jpg

Magnetic Man and Faithful Penguins (Preview video)

Thumbnail for Magnet Man and faithful Penguins!.jpg

Endorsements from The Power of Art Clients:

The Power of Art II for At Risk Elementary K-5 Students has been piloted at Banner Lake B.L.A.S.T. Club in Hobe Sound for elementary school students from 2016 to present.  Elise and Chris Regan (Chris is the Area Director for Treasure Coast of Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

President of Banner Lake B.L.A.S.T. Lisa Dames:

“The program that Visionary School of Arts has implemented at Banner Lake since 2012 had been our most successful program at B.L.A.S.T. with tremendous results. Adding the Power of Art for our children has created a new paradigm, giving them self, esteem, empowering their choices, dealing with negativity, overcoming problems and lasting vision for their future. I can’t say enough about how this program has opened up their talents in fine art and at the same time, has given our elementary children leadership qualities and tools for success!”

Teacher and Director of curriculum for the AVID program for teens Martin County High School, Chessa Zanfini, MCHS

"We have seen improvement in attitude, focused attention, communication and more, due to the Power of Art pilot program at Martin County High School over spring of 2018 during the 9-week course with seventy-five AVID high school students. Students discovered their hidden ability to draw with excellence and some went on to pursue art or use their art to become creative and motivated in other areas of their career and pursuit of higher education. It was the most popular AVID program, and students expressed life changes with empowered decisions for their future.”

Home School Family Elise and Chris Regan, South Florida Director of Fellowship of Christian Atheletes.

"The online course my boys are taking from The Power of Art through Visionary School of Arts has significantly enriched our home school experience! Honestly, it's a great program for kids to use after school even if they are not home-schooled. You can go at your own pace, and take the class in the convenience of your own home or co-op program. the instruction is impeccable and the character lessons included are inspiring. My boys have been encouraged and surprised by their art work-it is building confidence in their creative abilities! I can't thank Lynne enough for her instruction! She is a great teacher!"

Chessa Zanfini, Intervention Specialist grades 9-12, Martin County High School teacher and Honors teacher:

“As a high school teacher for the past 17 years, I have witnessed my students battle great amounts of stress, trauma, and everyday pressures thus compounded with the fact that they have not been taught coping skills in which to handle these growing problems. Students often internalize their struggles, eventually coming to a boiling point thus affecting their academics, social life, and most certainly their self-esteem. Through the Power of Art, I have witnessed a transformation in many students’ ability to find self-worth and purpose. The life skills, motivational self-assertiveness and self-determination that students are able to build through this training not only affect their successes in the academic setting but in their personal lives as well. It was truly eye-opening to see students who are shadowed with insecurity and uncertainty blossom into individuals who found their worth and voice! My students who excel on their Honors courses also experienced improvement. The Power of Art facilitated the growth both mentally and emotionally, allowing students to successfully find their worth and inner peace. Teachers conducted online google student surveys to see an increase of 10%-20% improvement overall in each category. 76 students were surveyed at the end of the course and 76 positive comments came back. There were no blank or negative comments, and many said it changed their lives for good.”

Macenzie Komora AVID Elective & Honors Biology Grades 9-12

“My students participated in the Power of Art Series the last semester of 2018. The changes that I witnessed were in improvements their morale, confidence, and overall grades. It was outstanding! As they learned to utilize the right side of their brain during the art lessons, the result exceeded my expectations. Even as they have returned this year, I still see a positive shift in their personal and academic performance.”  

The Power of Art with Youth Leadership, by Lynne Barletta video courses includes:


Drawing on the right side of the brain

Power points and live demos

Drawings that fit with story lines that kids love!

Stories to underscore character, leadership, overcoming obstacles with mission and vision planning for their future.

At risk children to advanced gifted children

Youth Groups



- Homeschoolers 

- Boys and Girls Clubs of Martin County

- Banner Lake BLAST program Hobe Sound

- Pilot course given at Martin County High School

- Martin Girls Academy

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