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The Power of Art ® 
with Youth Leadership

Online Course Curriculum

Visionary School of Arts sends trained teaching teams to schools and organizations to teach The Power of Art ®  9-week courses for
Gifted Children
At Risk Children
Trafficked and Abused Children

The author of the Power of Art ®  Curriculum with Youth Leadership is Lynne Barletta, Founder of Visionary School of Arts (VSOA) and Florida Faith Alliance to fight child trafficking. Students of VSOA have won over 600 local national and international awards for leadership and fine art since 2010.  Lynne has been writing curriculum for after-school programs for 30 years, and she has successfully piloted the Power of Art for children at Martin County High School, Martin County Boys and Girls Clubs, Banner Lake, Hobe Sound, All About Achieving educational program, home school programs, trafficked children in Juvenile Justice and local facilities for trafficked and abused children. 

All videos are designed for a 1.5 hour class, or slightly less for grades 2-5, Students are taught to draw with the right side of the brain with continued exploration of various mediums, with animals, scenery, abstracts, faces, cartooning, and more.

The Power of Art ® is a pioneering curriculum utilizing positive images combined with life coping skills for youth through drawing and focused attention. Fine art drawing with value, shading, composition, design, and perspective are taught during the course with creative team building and leadership principles. Intentional training for future vision that includes pursuing higher education or trades is woven into objectives and outcomes. Protection from predators is included in an age-appropriate manner. Overcoming obstacles, facing giants, vision, and many aspects of youth leadership that empowers good choices with strong character principles. 


•    Increased creativity
•    Stress relief
•    Growing attention span week by week
•    Fine art drawing and painting with professional techniques and approaches
•    Fine motor skill development
•    Character development
•    Overcome perfectionism and being hard on oneself
•    Build inner tools for facing challenges
•    Age-appropriate equipping to resist predators, traffickers and grooming  
•    Increased self-esteem with positivity
•    Learn to speak affirmations for positive thinking
•    Leadership skill development with entrepreneurship

Surveys Conducted by Therapists with Severely Traumatized Children Showed Improvement In:

  • Overcoming trauma

  •  PTSD

  • Planning for their future

  • Opening up to share their story 

  • Co-dependency

  • Self-harm and self-blame

  • Identity

  • Confidence

  • Attention Span


​​Every child is an artist at age 5.

Art can become a vehicle of transformation, empowerment and healing! 

The Power of Art with Youth Leadership will wake up creativity, the love of art, and the right side of the brain. Overall cognitive development rapidly increases, while leadership principles are illustrated by students through fine art.

The Power of Art is hosted on an online platform through Visionary School of Arts, a non-profit 501c3 organization.

The following video shows VSOA program at undisclosed location in Martin County: 

Sample Clips 

Thumbnail for Drawing and Painting! .jpg

Magnetic Man and Faithful Penguins (Preview video)

Thumbnail for Magnet Man and faithful Penguins!.jpg

The Power of Art with Youth Leadership, by Lynne Barletta video courses includes:


  • Drawing on the right side of the brain

  • Power points and live demos

  • Drawings that fit with story lines that kids love!

  • Stories to underscore character, leadership, overcoming obstacles with mission and vision planning for their future.

  • Trafficked children, at-risk children to advanced gifted children

  • Youth Groups



  • Homeschoolers 

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Martin County

  • Banner Lake BLAST program Hobe Sound

  • Pilot course given at Martin County High School

  • Martin Girls Academy

  • Martin County Public Schools

  • Undisclosed for safety

Endorsement by CEO of Martin County Boys and Girls Clubs, Keith Fletcher

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