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To Raise up, launch, and equip youth to adults with fine art and leadership skills through semester courses, shows, competitions, camps, online courses and giving back to local communities. To compassionately reach out with art programs, projects, outreach courses and videos with special inclusion of at risk, traumatized and trafficked children and victims.


VSOA School Mission:

Equip youth and adults with fine art skills for life-long creativity, while teaching leadership through community involvement, public speaking, volunteering, shows, and interning with a full variety of classroom experiences and a long term vision of a center for the arts.

VSOA Outreach Mission:

Create online and video art courses for home school, schools, youth groups and organizations in leadership, personal development, inner healing, overcoming trauma and awareness of predators and traffickers to protect the next generation. Train and send teaching teams into jails, schools and organizations using art as a vehicle to end human trafficking and restore victims. 





  • Martin County School Riverbend Academy and Sandy Pines  Mental Health facility for trafficked and abused children 

  • Montessori

  • All About Achieving

  • Martin County Home Schoolers

  • All Martin County Boys and Girls Clubs

  • Banner Lake BLAST Club, Hobe Sound

  • The Kane Center senior courses and various senior homes

  • Martin County High School At-Risk program

  • Leadership Martin County

  • Juvenile Justice

  • Local jails for adults.

About Us 


Visionary School of Arts students have won over 600 local, national and international fine art and leadership awards since 2010, including the USA Award for best sporting painting age 12, which was displayed at the Brazilian Olympics in 2016, and several Best Visual Youth Artist for the Martin County Arts Award, the mARTties Awards in 2019, 2020 and nominations in 2021, 2022 and 2023.


VSOA is community driven and encourages students to give back in many ways including donating their time and talent to various causes, such as the largest mural ever done in Stuart Florida on the ATT building in downtown to raise awareness for human trafficking. VSOA is passionate about teaching students that they have a voice in our community and beyond through their art. VSOA students showcase their art in government buildings, businesses, and non-profits throughout South Florida.


The Power of Art Curriculum with accompanying videos produced and authored by our CEO / Founder Lynne Barletta, have been taught by VSOA staff in the following outreaches since 2012 for public schools, at risk children and severely traumatized and trafficked children. Surveys to students with therapist / teacher assessments show improvement in PTSD, trauma and behavior.


Visionary School of Arts semester courses operate with an average of 90+ students ages 5 to 18. VSOA offers an internship program that includes community give back, specialized workshops with nationally acclaimed artists, and a partnership with Apple for expert training in photography, digital art, and video editing. VSOA teaches hundreds of children, adults and seniors through camps and outreaches. Interns participate in art projects, murals, student teaching, business training and public presentation. VSOA interns have begun their own non-profits, helped other non-profits with fund raising, art auctions, student teach for VSOA and many have received various college scholarships.


The Visionary Futures Vision includes a new building for a center for the arts with expansion of courses, internship program, grounds for plein air painting and outreaches.


VSOA offers scholarships for semester courses to underprivileged children through local collaborating non-profits. VSOA outreach video courses with trained teacher teams are expanding constantly as the need increases in areas of mental health, trauma, and Human Trafficking. VSOA collaborates with Florida Faith Alliance to produce videos for public schools for awareness of Human Trafficking that are creative, compelling, and artistically unique to capture the attention children from elementary to high school, as well as teacher awareness videos.


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